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Grey Matter Studios

Grey Matter Studios began as a shared passion for entertainment under the name Garage 47. In 2017, three college students wrote a short film by the name of Citizen Lame that spurred a half decade partnership which resulted in the production of 17 short films, multiple webseries, a game show and a continued love for video production.

Together, Grey Matter Studios strives to produce quality short films and video content.

Derin George

Derin is a director, producer, co-founder, and owner of many other hats at Grey Matter Studios. He's in his element behind the camera, though he can be convinced to be in front of it from time to time. He hopes to continue to hone his craft at Grey Matter with each subsequent film produced. His bucket list includes being on an episode of Sesame Street.

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Jacob Massaro

Jacob has been an avid movie-lover for as long as he can remember. After going to an acting camp when he was young, he quickly realized that wasn’t for him and shifted his interests towards behind the scenes. While he went to school for Computer Science it was there that he met others passionate about creating and was able to grow his writing and directing skills.

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Luke Piety

A co-founder of Grey Matter, Luke has been both in front of the camera and behind it during his time with GM. His expertise is in graphic design and editing but has been known to dabble in all aspects of production.

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